Yesterday was amazing!

We went to breakfast at the hotel late but they still served us.
I made my first waffle in a waffle iron. And my second.
We went to the zoo. And spent the entire afternoon. Felt like all day really. All the activitids were free. Wish I fed the giraffes but not with kids…no time. We did get to go on a boat ride around the primate islands though. That was wicked.
I got two new swimsuits! I am returning one. Lol.
We went to the beach and watched and documented the sunset in pics. We’re on the west coast so sunsets are pretty amazing here…
We went back to the hotel and did some late night pool swimming. Pool was warm and felt sooooo good! My son.let me try to teach him to swim. :) At least he’s not as bad as my sister who climbed you until you both drowned to near death. Lol.
We went out to dinner.
I donned the lingerie I bought for hubby’s birthday and he loved it! I also sprinkled some fake rose petals on the floor and bed. It looked really nice. My phone was dead so no pics guys.
And that was my amazing day yesterday. :)


I really ought to learn how to say no…

I skypes my friend.last week just to say hi and she was all “I’m glad you called. What’s your address? I need to send something to you and then we figure out how to get it to me.”
So I thought ok we will figure it out over time, I guess she just really needs a US address to get this thing she wants.
Turns out It’s for someone else, and I am supposed to get to her in Jamaica by Friday. Dude. International shipping is expensive, especially if you’re using fedex or ups. So the package came yesterday.
I sent her a fb message n sed the package arrived. You know, to my inlaws, where I live. And that I am.going out of town that very day.
That’s when she It’s a rush thing n I have to send it by today so she can get it by fri. Ugh.
So I sent it to NY so someone could bring it to her in Jamaica. It took me almost an hour. I spent 45 mins at the PO waiting in line. At the time my family and I were supposed to be leaving for vacation. Ugh.
If that wasn’t bad enough, I am trying to enjoy my vacation with my family n she is calling and fb messaging me like I am her man. Like hello??? Blah blah blah. I dnt have fb messanger on my phone and I really have no time to be on the computer. Ugh. It’s annoying.
I really must learn to be more assertive and say no to things I don’t want to do.



The Moonlight Series by Carlos-Quevedo

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So delicate Flowergirls by Lim Zhi Wei / Love Limzy, Malaysian artist.

I love this


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They accepted our offer on the house we want. This is so exciting yet terrifying.

We are on vacation! Eeeeeehhh! Just for a fouple days but we are gone to a place hubby told me he would carry me aince before we were even married.

It’s gonna be awesome!




So delicate Flowergirls by Lim Zhi Wei / Love Limzy, Malaysian artist.

I love this


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Lol…my hubby’s dining out joke…

Server: “How do you want your meat?”
Husband: “Raaawrr”
Wife: “He wants it so rare It’s growling at him…”



I think I am upset because pms, and also, my husband is taking this week off and we are supposed to get away with the kids for his bday and somehow I don’t think we are going anywhere because I haven’t seen him making any effort to reserve a hotel room or book a cruise or anything. Then again, I haven’t been around him since fri morning. And this morning we opted to waste time arguing.



Sometimes It’s fucked up.
No. Husbands. Sometimes they a fuxking kick in the balls to fuxking realize u r just fucking tired from having not slept since tgursday night, working friband sat nights and now u r just fuxking tired.
Why is it we have a have a full.on fucking sjouting match complete with swear words and him telling me to shut up?

Now I feel like shit. All I wanted was to come home to him and my babies and go to sleep and now I just want to cry.

Why do men always spoil everything????

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