Anonymous asked: You're just a slave for society and the system being an adult does not mean you have to do certian things. It's your own fault you're living the way you are. Let me guess, you get paid based on the hours you work / time you waste. Someone above you is telling you how much you're going to make, when you're going to make it, they tell you when you get days off and when you can go on vacation. Seems pathetic.

Oh, I’m sorry. You have the annon feature on so I didn’t realize I was talking to the prince of Dubai.

Let me tell you how it works in the western world. People work, get paid, pay their bills and then do whatever it is they do.

I am a nurse so yes my hourly wage is dictated but who cares? I work 3 days a week saving lives. I find it highly rewarding and satisfying. It is really hard but really rewarding- just like motherhood!

I could dictate my hours and my vacation like I did last year, but I choose not to.

Not everyone is born into royalty like you, prince. So just get off your high horse and go cotch yu batty pan tump.

Also, the way things are for a lot of people right now, I am just glad I have a great job I enjoy and that allows me to help people. In fact, I am lucky to have a job at all.

By the way, you is a blud claat fassy. Now lef mi alone.

If my blog bothers you so much, oh high and mighty fassy, then don’t fucking read it. Go feel sorry for yourself instead.


Anonymous asked: Being an adult does not mean slave away for your whole life, retire at 65, go on a nice vacation out of the country once, watch tv for ten years then die.

No. It doesn’t. Who said that? I just said it means you do what you must now so that in the future you do what you want. It also means that if you have kids, your life is no longer yours, but theirs too. Being a parent means you do everything you can to make your kids’ lives comfortable and their future bright.


Anonymous asked: Reading your blog has made me feel sorry for you. You're so sad and pathetic do you not see you're practically living the life of a slave? When you were a little girl did you wish to live like this? Probably not. Why don't you do anything you WANT to do. Because all of these "obligations" you have are so unimportant. Your life is sad and boring. I can't even imagine what it's like to live a life like that.

Hmmm. It’s not that bad actually. I grew up really poor. True that I did not imagine my life the way it is… but I have not made myself unimportant; on the contrary I have a lot of people depending on me to do a lot for them…so I’ve made my life too important for comfort.
Yes I do want to do what I want, but being an adult means you do what you must bow so that later you can do what you want.
My life is hectic at most. Sure it sucks sometimes, but I know lots of people who are worse off than I am. The part that sucks is that I have no place of my own, but like everything else in life, that is subject to change.

So yeah. Thanks. Perhaps I will put more of the positive stuff on here. Like how we go to the beach like once every couple of weeks. Or when I do art with my kids. I tend to use the blog as an outlet for my frustrations. So thanks for letting me know. :)



I got some sleep last night! Yaaaaay.

It was interrupted by hubby n then by baby but It’s ok. I got sleep inbetween n it was great!

My son is still late for sch tho. I think It’s time we get a bed for them n one for us.


You are feeling sleeeeepyyy….

At the playground with the kids ans the combination of sun and shade is making me very sleepy.

Sitting on the slide does not help.


At least he took his clothes up when I asked him to. :)



The mil lectured me yesterday about how we need to get our own place n how I need to clean more.

Well I did laundry… 2 loads, cleaned up all the clothes off the room floor… that’s all mine n hubbys stuff…and straightened up the room…sweapt all of downstairs n cleaned out bathroom ..

Well hubby came n left his clothes all over the floor….

Is that enough reason to torch the damned place?



I need a fucking break! No sleep, wrking all the time, constant back pain that won’t heal cuz I am constantly bending to deal with kids and lifting n carrying baby….

Ugh! Am fucking exhausted! And sick of being in pain!



So I just had a fucking horrible nightmare that leads me to suspect I am pregnant.

It is common to have really extremely weird dreams when you are pregnant. Though I usually have weird dreams, this one was fucking weird and horribly disgusting! I don’t even want to tell you!

It involved new borns or very young babies being tortured in a way that omfg why the hell did my brain even come up with that shit!?!?!

So yeah. Now I can’t sleep n my babies n hubby are fast asleep. Also, I have not eaten dinner today. It’s now half past midnight.


Stupid nightmare. :(


I know he’s joking

But when he says “I wish you would disappear…”

I feel like disappearing into thin air….

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