Another palm tree sunset…

Another palm tree sunset…

Sunset yesterday.

Sunset yesterday.




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O. M. F. G.

I think I should just quit my job and go work somehwere that doesn’t require superior thinking skills because these motherfuckers don’t understand that no one goes to work di nex day without sleeping the night before andbthen fucking wakes up at fuxking 3 in the morning to watch their kids so everyone else can go out and then go to work at 7, work all day until 8 at night. Would they understand that? And It’s even worse in reverse because your bodybis already fighting the urge to sleep at night!!!!
Whatvthe fuxk is so hard to understand!!!! I am a goddamn nurse! My job is basically to prevent bad thibgs from happening to people by being alert and aware enough to catch little hints of bad health and OTHER PEOPLES MISTAKES before it affects my patient badly. How the fuck am I supposed to function on little to no sleep!?!?!??!?!?#?!
Wake the fuxk up people! If someone gets hurt because of me I can lose my nursing license and or go to jail! Not to mention the guilt I would feel over hurting someone!
I just don’t get it! Why doesn’t anyone understand something so simple as needing rest to perform your job optimally?
Is everyone fucking missing their brains? Ugh!!!!




We can’t stop staring at these breathtakingly dramatic wire sculptures by Staffordshire, England-based sculptor Robin Wight. He specializes in transforming lengths of stainless steel wire into beautiful fairies who appear to be exulting in power of the wind as it scatters the seeds of giant dandelions they hold or trees and blades of grass to which they cling.

Visit Robin Wight’s website and Facebook page to view more of his wonderful wire fairies and click here to learn about Wight’s painstaking process for creating these fantastic pieces. He even offers DIY Fairy Sculpture Starter Kits so you can make your own.

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I wish I could actually articulate (can you use that word when youre writing? I dont think so… but whatever) the feelings that these sculptures give me. Theyre just… so… perfect… and beautiful… I want to cry. 



I’ve got 2 brothers-in-law at home and none of them can watch the kids for me so I can sleep in order to go work all night. Saving lives. Catching other people’s mistakes requires a sharp mind. At this rate, I’ll be making my own mistakes.
I think I’ll sign up with care.com and find a babysitter so I can call in the morning and when hubby realizes we are spending lots of money for babysitting he’ll make sure I won’t have to use the website to find childcare.
I deserve a motherfucking back massage after this shit.


Why don’t men listen?

I told hubby yesterday thatvwebneed babysitter today and tomorrow cuz his mom.is leaving the country tomorrow n we won’t have babysitter.
She’s gone all day and IT have work tonight and no babysitter to watch them so I can sleep. What’s worse is that the baby will not takr her nap so.I can.nap too.
Why don’t they ever listen? And why is it everyone except them suffer when they don’t listen?
I wish I knew someone who could babysit so I could just call them n bam. Problem solved. Shit man.


I fantasize…

About owning my own home. Going to bed in lingerie and donning a robe in the morning and making breakfast for my family. Eggs and toast or pancakes with fruit and juice.
Putting my kids to their own beds in thwir own room at night. With a baby monitor so I can always know they’re ok.
Doing our laundry whenever I want, night or day.
Cooking and baking whenever I want, night or day.
Cleaning whenever I want.
Turning tge AC off or down when I want.
It’s gonna be awesome. And the best part will be when the kids get to play when and where they want, and not have to worry about damaging expensive furniture. And painting wherever the hell I want whenever the hell I want! Yeah!
Can’t wait!


Great week so far…

Got the preapproval Monday.
Went to the pool with hubby and kids Tuesday.
Went out dor girls night out n got laundry done on Wednesday.
Today I am.supposed to.visit my injured coworker but I am so tired am not sure I will. At the same time, I think my mil needs a break from the kids….

The skateboard am working on for my friend. Sketch is almost done. Then time to paint!

The skateboard am working on for my friend. Sketch is almost done. Then time to paint!

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